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Dear Anyone,

I had a fight with my dad a while ago and I ended up getting kicked out of the house. I don't blame him. I blame his "wife." She controls his thoughts, but when he's not around her, he's the best man in the world. I love him very much and I miss him too. Every time I talk to him on the phone (which is like once a month), I cry because I miss him. He hurt me really bad. And the other night I had a dream that said if I don't deal with my dad, I'm going to go crazy and lose the love of my life--my boyfriend. I'm afraid to talk to my dad because he hurt me so bad but I don't want to lose my boyfriend.

In Love and Misery


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A:  Tell your dad that you love and miss him. You need to patch things up with him, or something will always feel "wrong" with your life.
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B:  Lay down an ultimatum: it's you or the "wife." Clearly there isn't room for two women to co-exist in your dad's life.
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C:  Your dad's in the wrong (and heartless for kicking you out of the house). Let him make the first move.
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D:  Invite your dad to counselling. If you need to, ask your boyfriend to come along for support.

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