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  A:  Tell your son again that the whole family has stro ...        33%
  B:  Scare your son. Try to find out all the downsides ...        23%
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  D:          21%
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Dear Anyone,

Dear anyone,
I am a 19 year old with a 4 month old daughter. My boyfriend likes to think he helps out, but he just doesn't. On his days off from work he hardly spends time with her. He always comes up with some reason to leave the house for hours. Sometimes he'll say that he'll be right back but will be gone for hours so that I have to call him to find out where he is. And if I call him then he gets mad at me. We've talked about it but nothing changes. How should I deal with this, I feel like I'm raising our daughter all by myself.

completely frustrated


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A:  Force him in some way to grow up
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B:  Try to explain it to him in another way
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C:  Give him a taste of his own medicine
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D:  Leave things the way they are

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