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Dear Anyone,

I am 44 with one boy (23) and one girl (22). He is 51 with one boy (12) and one boy (8). We've been living together over 6 years now. Custody of his kids every other weekend; he's very passive but protective. I treat his children as my own, teaching them right from wrong, how to cook, clean, garden, craft. He thinks I'm too strict by "nagging" them to brush their teeth, pick up after themselves, etc. Mom is LAZY (yes, she's the "ex" and we no longer get along) but I have seen the light after being "friends" for over 2 years. However, Dad wants to be the hero for visitation time and doesn't put his foot down when things are wrong (but he vents on me when we drop them off with mom). At my age, I wonder if I'm going the wrong path with Mr. Wrong? Is love that blind?

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A:  Stick it out. His kids will mature and so will he.
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B:  Sit down and set up some ground rules for disciplining. That way everyone will know what is expected of them.
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C:  For the sake of your sanity, stop being so actively involved in his kids' lives. You aren't their mother.

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