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Dear Anyone,

Last July, my sibling put the wrong kind of fuel in my car, thus damaging my car. At the time, all she could say was, "It was an accident," "I didn't mean to," and "I'll pay for it." At the time, I said I wasn't worried about the money (though I expected her to pay). It was more her total stupidity that had annoyed me. It is indicative of her attitude towards me and my property. She has no respect for anything I own. She was at uni at the time and had no money so I thought that I'd let her get a job and some money behind her and get Christmas out the way. However, she has never offered me the money for the repair I had to have done. It is now almost a year and still nothing. It is really beginning to grate on me and I'm loathe to ask her because as far as I'm concerned, she should have paid the money well before now, and I'm also fairly certain she'll hit the roof.

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A:  Ask for the money. She should be responsible for her actions. Besides, if you don't ask, she'll continue to think she can get away with bad behavior.
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B:  You lost the money when you said you weren't worried about it. Accept things as they are and move on.
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C:  She's your younger sibling. You have to bail her out once in a while. That's what big sisters are for.
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D:  Let your parents, relatives or mutual friends know that you're upset. Maybe sis will hear through the grapevine and cough up the money.

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