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Dear Anyone,

I am married with 3 children. I have an aunt (mother's side) who is basically homeless. She stayed with me at one time and helped with the kids and kept the house clean. It drove me nuts after a while and we asked her to leave. My problem was that I didn't want to take advantage of her and it's hard to have someone else living in your space. I feel really bad because the other siblings that could help her financially won't and I, being the one that struggles the most, is suffering right along with her because I can't stand to see her on the streets. She is disabled and gets a little money every month but manages it poorly so it doesn't last. I could convince my husband to let her come and help us out once again, but there is another problem. She has a daughter who is pregnant and I refuse to let her come to my house. She is not a good influence on my children and I don't think I could handle her. My faith and beliefs won't let me put this one down. What do I do? Ignore it like everyone else or do what my heart feels? My mom (her sister) wants to take her back in but my father will not allow it. If I do take her in, how do I handle the negative comments that will come from the others that don't believe we should bail her out?



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A:  You've helped her out a lot already. Having her back in your home is probably not for the best. She'll make it without you.
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B:  If your heart is telling you to help her out, then who cares what other people think?
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C:  You and your mom should be able to come up with some way to help out your aunt without having her move in with one of you.

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