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  A:  Tell you husband. He deserves to know.        32%
  B:          24%
  C:  Hold off for now, but definitely tell your husband ...        21%
  D:          24%
Total Votes: 1760

Dear Anyone,

I'm 27 years old and have never met my father. My mother got pregnant, told the guy that she wasn't and then moved to another city. She's always told me that he would have been a good father. She was suffering from mental issues at the time. Anyway after all these years I've finally gotten up the nerve to seriously look for him. I believe I have located him but I have no idea what to expect or what the appropriate course of action is. What if he denies being my father? What if he's married and doesn't want to know he has a daughter? What if he's not a good person? My aunt says if he has a family it would be unfair to make myself known, but if he's alone that I should.

Fatherless Mother


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A:  Call him up and say "Hey Dad!" regardless of family.
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B:  Leave it alone. You've gone 27 years without knowing.
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C:  Discretely try to contact him alone to see what he would be interested in.
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D:  Find a way to get to know him without actually revealing who you are.

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