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Dear Anyone,

I have been married to my new husband almost a year now. I love him dearly; he is the love of my life. The thing is he has 5 children, the youngest being 4. The problem is the youngest. She always gets her way; she's very spoiled and every time my husband and I are talking she's always interupting us. It's as though she doesn't want him to have anything to do with me. She's always coming between us. I always bite my tongue and don't say anything. I just shut up and let her have him. What is the right way to handle this? I know my husband knows I have a problem with this and I'm afraid in the long run it's going to cause some problems. Any suggestions will help.

3rd party


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A:  Make her fell more at ease about you by spending more time with her. Once she realizes that you're a fun person, she'll get over it.
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B:  Be patient. Making a family can take time in situations like this. Eventually everyone will get used to the situation.
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C:  Ask your husband to encourage his daughter to allow him to talk with you without interruptions. He may have to lay down the law.
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D:  You'll have your chance with your husband. Let his daughter have him when she needs him. The transition can't be easy on her.

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