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Dear Anyone,

I have constantly been the black sheep in my family. I have made some mistakes yes, but have continually worked on becoming a better person. The problem is, my family refuses to see the change and constantly expects the worse of me. No one acknowledges my emotional growth or seems to think I am capable of anything else. I am tired of constantly trying to prove myself to people who will never see what I have become. The wierd thing is, it seems that my sister is the main instigator and bad-mouther of me. What do I do? I am trying to raise my daughter, alone, and tired of constantly having to defend myself against people that refuse to beleive that I have changed.

Tired of being the black sheep


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A:  Get over it!
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B:  This is a difficult situation and can be very lonely. Counseling will help you navigate through it.
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C:  You've got an uphill climb ahead of you. Just stay the course and eventually people will see you in a better light.
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D:  Confront your family and tell them that they have to cut you some slack.

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