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Dear Anyone,

I have always had problems with my father. I still remember myself being a kid and having problems with him. I think it was because he understood that I was becoming someone unlike him. My relationship with him became very unpleasant and I had to move out from my parents' house because of him. I don't know how I can find a way of talking to him again. All I do is wrong and not good enough for him. I do want to visit that house because I have 2 baby sisters who I love and miss a lot, and there's also my mother who I love the most. BUT there's him who's always there as well, and who makes me feel bad and guilty about everything. Like today, I found out he was mad at me because I did not say hi to him first a few days ago. This situation is really making me feel uncomfy coming home, and ignoring him is not very workable any more, so please help!



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A:  So you have a grumpy dad. Who doesn't? Just grin and bear it so you can enjoy the rest of your family.
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B:  You deserve respect from your father, and if you're not getting it, then you should think about cutting him from your life.
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C:  Tell your dad that you would like to have a better relationship with him, and ask him how you two can do that. That'll soften him.
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D:  Talk to your mom and see what she says. Maybe she can play peacemaker.

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