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Dear Anyone,

I have a wedding to attend for my husband's niece. We have been married five years. His ex will be there. He and I had an affair and he left her. We married several years later. His ex and I were friends and she will never know how sorry I am for the pain I caused. His kids and I get along now but this is the first time his ex will be around at the same time. My husband will not go to the wedding without me and I do not want to go. I need advice! His daughter and I have talked about this and she states she can't talk to me at the wedding and I feel the boys will feel the same. I understand their position but my husband says they should treat me the same. Who should be at this wedding?

Awkward Situation for Everyone!


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A:  Wife #2 stays at home. You created the mess--don't make it messier.
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B:  Wife #1 stays at home. They don't call her the "ex" for nothing.
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C:  Everyone should suck it up, go, and deal with it.
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D:  Neither wife goes. The niece doesn't deserve tension and a potential catfight on her big day.

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