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Dear Anyone,

We live beside my sister-in-law and her daughter. They take in stray cats. They feed them commercially available food or table scraps only sporadically, rationalizing that cats are hunters and will find their own food, and they don't spay or neuter or get them shots. I'm worried about the risk to public health, including ours. I'm also worried that the cats are being mistreated because my niece doesn't handle them in the gentlest way. I don't want to start a family feud, but should I turn my sister-in-law in?

Animal Lover in Anguish


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A:  Turn her in, but try to make an anonymous complaint. The situation is inexcusable and not healthy for the cats or the neighbors.
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B:  Compromise. Ask her to find homes for all but a couple of the cats. Offer to help her pay vet costs for the ones she keeps.
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C:  Start carting the cats off to the animal shelter surreptitiously.
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D:  Mind your own business. A few dozen cats aren't worth creating a rift in your family.

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