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Dear Anyone,

My daughter recently told me her best friend (my best friend's) daughter is sexually active. It was very suprising and alarming to me that this young woman who I've known since she was in diapers is sexually active. How do I tell my friend that her 13 year-old daughter is having sex?

Confused Mom


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A:  You owe it to your best friend to tell her straight to her face. She'll be shocked, but you'll be there to comfort her.
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B:  Don't tell her, and let her find out on her own. It's not your place to get involved in someone else's family business.
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C:  Hatch a scheme. Tell your friend that you saw something on Oprah about teen sex, and agree that you'll both to ask your daughters about their sex lives. That's the best you can do.
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D:  C'mon. Your friend knows what's going on with her daughter. She's just open-minded, not stupid.

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