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Dear Anyone,

I have been married for 2 years (second marriage for both of us). I have an 18 year-old daughter and a 8 year-old son. My daughter moved out on her own when she turned 18. In the last 6 months, everything my husband does is wrong in her eyes. I will admit he is a little lazy, and he is still trying to learn to be a good parent to our youngest one, but every time my daughter comes over there are huge amounts of anger from her to my husband. I asked her to talk to him about it, but she wouldn't do it. On the 4th of July, her anger toward him was just too much for me to bear and I wigged out and told her that I couldn't take it anymore, that I never expected them to love each other, but I was hoping that we could at least bear each other through the holidays. She got mad and left and hasn't spoken to me since. I hate being in the middle. I love them all so much and it's almost like she is asking me to choose. My husband helps with the discipline of the 8 year-old. My daughter hates this because she grew up with no real discipline. Please help. The stress is driving me nuts.

Mom in the Middle


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A:  Call in the pros. You can't solve this on your own, so schedule an appointment with a good counselor ASAP.
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B:  Just wait your daughter out. She's 18 and hyper-emotional. When she realizes she overreacted, she'll come back and apologize.
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C:  Call you daughter, go on a walk with her, and tell her how much this is hurting you. Nothing diffuses anger like honest talk.
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D:  What happened with hubby #1? It sounds like your daughter's anger is rooted in the past, so make sure you clear out all the ghosts in the closet.

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