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Dear Anyone,

I am 20 years old, and my parents got divorced about 5 years ago. Before they split, my Dad and I had a good, solid relationship. But when they separated, I didn't hear from him for 9 months. I would call and leave messages on his cell and at his job, but he never returned them. My Mom would try to persuade him to go on a "date" with me so we could talk things over, but he would call and cancel 2 hours after he was supposed to pick me up.

Then about a year after the divorce, he got re-married... another big issue. Then he started to come around and force his new wife down my throat. How was I going to have a relationship and accept her, if I didn't have one with him? We've been through counseling sessions countless times, and nothing seems to get through to this man that I desperately need a father in my life. You see, he'll call me a few times a week, we'll go out once or twice (depending on if he gets permission from his wife), and then it will all come to a halt, and I won't hear from him for months at a time. So, my question is, do I give him yet another chance only to be let down AGAIN, or do I end all this pain by choosing to have nothing to do with him? Please help me!

*~Broken-Hearted Daddy's Girl in Florida~*


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A:  Move on with your life. The man's an emotional deadbeat, and you're better off without all that pain.
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B:  Put the ball in his court. Tell him to choose between consistent, ongoing contact or none at all. He needs to stop waffling.
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C:  Give him ONE more chance, and lay down all your terms and conditions. If he breaks them, then tell him he's persona non grata.
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D:  Give him as many chances as he needs. He's the only Dad you'll ever have, right?

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