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Dear Anyone,

I was married in 1999 to a beautiful Mexican girl 17 years my junior. Two and a half years into our marriage, we had a beautiful baby girl who is now 3. Seven weeks after our child was born, my wife filed an order of protection against me (it was thrown out of court). My wife never let on that there was a problem in our marriage. On a Tuesday she told me she and our newborn loved me, and the next day she filed the order. All of a sudden she said that I drank too much, so I immediately quit and have been sober for the three years since she left. We have been divorced since 2003 and I still love her so much it hurts. She would never go to counseling or even try to fix our marriage. I can't seem to move on. I pray constantly for her to have a change of heart. How do I win her back? Should I try? By the way, she did not marry me for citizenship. That I am POSITIVE of. Our child deserves at least a chance at a family.

Heart Ripped Out


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A:  Your ex sounds too young and immature to be married. You gambled on a young "girl" (your words) and lost, and she's not coming back.
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B:  Stress to her that you have changed and are still willing to change to be the best husband you can be. That might get her thinking.
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C:  Beg her to take you back. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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D:  Are you sure that she didn't marry you for the citizenship?

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