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Dear Anyone,

I have been thrown around from family member to family member ever since I was 7. I'm so sick of it. I was able to stay with my mom for a little bit, and she was so cool. She understood me and she likes what I like. But then she started dating my English teacher. It's been going on for about a year now, so it's too late to break it up. I guess no one wants me any more, so I'm going to my uncle's in another state. I'm leaving everything I know: my friends, my family, the weather... The thing is, I thought my mom understood me, but we seem to be getting in more fights now than ever. I hate fighting but she starts them all the time by constantly changing her mind, and her plans with me. I hate this. I don't know what to do.

Never Expecting a True Home


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A:  Forget your mom. She sounds like doesn't have your best interests at heart. Just go to your uncle's and get a fresh start.
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B:  Tell your mom that you want to stop fighting and stay with her. Even if she says no, at least you'll know you made your true feelings known.
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C:  Strike out on your own. It sounds like you can only trust yourself in your family.
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D:  You clearly feel unloved because you've bounced around so much. Wherever your live, you needs some counselling to sort through your issues.

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