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Dear Anyone,

I have never felt so alone before. Well, I'm sure I have, but I just hate this feeling. I have been kicked out of both of my houses, I'm not allowed at my apartment with my roommates because my dad doesn't like them, and he has told the cops to be on the lookout for me. I'm currently living at my friend's house until I leave for Texas to finish off my last year of high school. They are making me live with my uncle. I don't know anyone down there and I'm going to miss my friends sooo much. I'm not even going to be here when my niece is born. I hate this life.

Unwanted in Wisconsin


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A:  Suck it up. Everyone has problems, and if you face them with courage and get through them, you'll be a stronger person in the end.
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B:  Don't try to get through your problems alone. You're in a jam, and you need a counselor to help get you out.
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C:  Fresh starts are a good thing. You'll get to travel, make new friends, and maybe you'll meet some hot Texas boys to boot.
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D:  Tell your parents you want to live with your friends and they can't stop you. Failing that, make a go of it on your own in California.

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