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Dear Anyone,

We moved in to our apartment about 6 months ago, and ever since, our neighbors underneath us have been banging on the floor whenever we make the slightest noise, e.g. our kid running across the floor or playing in his room. Finally, they came up here to "chat," saying that they are trying to put their young kid to bed at 7:30. Our kid doesn't go to bed until 8:30. Our lease states that noise at a reasonable volume (even musical instruments) is acceptable until 10:00 PM. Unfortunately, our kid is two, and we can't force him to stop walking around. Also, they do plenty of "inconsiderate" things, including clogging our bathroom with cigarette smoke and watching movies on weekends so loud our child can't take a nap, and my wife gets headaches repeatedly. We haven't said a word, because we understand that this is all a part of apartment living and we both have to put up with things from the other. Advice?

Just Deal With It, We Do - in Denver


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A:  Your neighbors are being jerks. If they bang the floor, bang back, and tell them to shove it if they come up for another "chat."
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B:  Ask your 2 year-old son to be absolutely silent. Your neighbors deserve quiet in the evenings.
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C:  State your terms (like keeping the movie volume down). Tell your neighbors that you will only keep it down once they do.
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D:  Talk to a third party such as the office manager or a friend. You need an impartial referee to sort out this match.

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