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Dear Anyone,

I'm 14 and my younger sister is only a year younger than me. It makes school stuff more difficult. She is gorgeous and I don't look anything like her. People are always telling me how pretty she is and how much they like her. I don't really have any friends so it hurts to hear that stuff. I get made fun of at school, too, especially when people compare me to my sister. She always gets phone calls, and has tons of friends. All the older guys like her. It makes my life a lot harder and I have a lot more stress. How can I get rid of all the stress and make people stop comparing my looks to hers?

Sadly Not A Look-A-Like


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A:  Just ignore what people say, even though that is a hard thing to do. Focus on the things that make you unique and special.
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B:  Tell your peers to please not talk about your sister while you're around. No one will keep quiet unless they know you're upset.
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C:  Talk to your sister about it, even though she might not understand. It's still better to get your feelings out there.
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D:  Talk to your parents or a school counselor about your stress. They may be able to give you some advice to alleviate it.

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