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Dear Anyone,

My 21 year-old son currently lives with me and he is impossible to deal with. He will not do anything around the house except mope around and eat all my food. Where do I start with this boy? He has nowhere to go as he has worn out his welcome everywhere and he has no real friends. In addition to living with me, he also works at my job with me and he behaves at work just like he does at home. He either ends up fighting with our co-workers or alienates them. He has driven away some of the best workers. He has no money and never does. In addition to being his dad, I feel I am also his last hope. Help me please!

Sad Dad in Massachusetts


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A:  Show him some "tough love." Throw him out and forcce him to get his act together. If you keep supporting him like this, he will never change.
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B:  Talk to a counselor. You need some professional help with how to deal with your "problem child."
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C:  Give him one more chance, but lay down the law. Give your son a clear ultimatum setting out how his behaviour is to change or else he is OUT!
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D:  Two words: boot camp. Your son needs to know how good he has it and learn to appreciate it.

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