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Dear Anyone,

My wealthy in-laws have once again offered us money to finish another part of our unfinished house. I appreciate their offer, but feel as an adult, both my husband and I should be able to financially support ourselves and our two children without their help. My husband expects them to pay for a variety of things he wants and depends on them to bail him out of financial situations. This is an area where my husband and I strongly disagree. I would rather not accept their money (knowing that if we truly had a crisis, they could be a possible resource). My husband and I usually butt heads over this matter. Am I just being stubborn, or should I stick to my guns?

Feeling Blue About the Green in Atlanta


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A:  Stick to your guns. Over-dependence on your in-laws will allow them to get into the middle of your marriage.
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C:  Talk to your husband and try to understand why he is so willing to accept the money. Maybe it solidifies the bond between him and his folks.
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