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Dear Anyone,

My stepbrother and I don't always get along but on some occasions we do. His ex-girlfriend told his new girlfriend that he had been texting her asking her how she was and how her Christmas was. The thing is that it's true. He called me up asking me to lie for him and tell his new girlfriend that I was the one texting his ex. But I'm friends with his ex and I don't want to ruin that relationship. The funny thing is that my stepbrother has been back and forth between these 2 girls for the past years and he's probably backed me up a few times, but I did repay him. So should I lie for him or should I tell him no?

stuck between the 2 in ohio


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A:  Of course you should tell a little fib. He's under stress here and girls can be beyotchs... He is your brother after all!
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B:  Maybe you should think about what is more important: your brother or your friendship.
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C:  Hell no! This is his fault. Let him figure it out.

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