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Dear Anyone,

Hi, my name is "Alicia." Well, me and my dad are having problems. A few days ago, my niece was over for the weekend. My niece got mad at started to yell. I put her on the couch and told her that yelling is bad. Well, my dad comes and yells at her too, but in a meaner way. He started to call me a sh*t and stuff, and then told me that I was stupid or whatever. I told him that whatever he tells me will go back to him, and then he got hella more mad than he was. Then he choked me. I was scared and still am. Now I don't know what else he can do. He wouldn't admit what he did to my mom when I told her. I told her that I am moving out even though I am just 16 with no job. I have a brother I can maybe stay with.

"Alicia"... Scared of My Dad


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A:  Move out with with your brother. You'll be safe and have a roof over your head.
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B:  Stay home and just wait to see what happens next. It's best not to overreact in this situation, because you might make things worse.
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C:  Call the cops on your dad. He committed a criminal act, and he should face the consequences.
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D:  Tell your mom the truth again until she believes you. It's her job to protect you from your dad.

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