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Dear Anyone,

Here's the situation: a close relative of mine and her husband are constantly mooching off two family members (one is elderly). I recently learned these family members may be physically intimidated by the husband into giving money. The relative and her husband also have a child which lets them use a guilt angle to play on the family's sympathy. Everyone is fed up and some are ready to threaten them with extortion charges. I'm afraid talking to them won't help because their lies and excuses are constant. What should I do to help the situation?

Ready to Fell the Family Tree


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A:  Confront the moochers. Tell 'em you know what's going on, and to stop.
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B:  Threaten them with extortion charges. That will strike fear into them.
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C:  Do a family intervention. You need everyone on board to help.
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D:  Forget it. It's not your money, so just stay out of it.

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