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Dear Anyone,

The father of my 5 month old daughter wants nothing to do with her. For this reason, I moved thousands of miles away from him before she was born. He was not a good father figure anyway being on drugs, jobless and basically a criminal. He has 2 other daughters from two different woman and only acknowledges one of them and pays zero support for either. My question is do I tell my daughter (when she's older) about her loser father? My worst fear is she will want to contact him and he will hurt her. He can be really mean.

Wanting Best for Baby


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A:  Tell her the truth even if it hurts her. Everyone deserves to know who their parents are, good or bad.
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B:  Don't mention the loser. Just find someone better that will love and accept your daughter as his own.
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C:  Tell her he's deceased. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
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D:  Just mention the half siblings.

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