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Dear Anyone,

I have a grandmother living in Oklahoma. I have been trying to get her to move out of her house. But she won't do it because she does have a good church that she goes to and she also has her friends there. I see that too. But how can we let her know that we don't want her in that house? I keep trying and trying. What can I do about that? I need help with this. Should we force or drag her out of the house?

Help wanted


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A:  If she doesn't want to move, you can't make her. Why do you want her out so badly anyway?
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B:  Invite her to stay with you for a while. Maybe she'll see that it is something she could get used to.
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C:  Explain to her why you think she should move. Eventually she'll come around to see that it's for the best.
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D:  Drag her out of the house.

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