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Dear Anyone,

My mother is always up my shirt. It is so annoying because she wont' ever let me be. I am a legal adult (18 last month) but she is still calling me every ten minutes, and constantly wants to know where I am, or what I'm doing, and just won't leave me alone! I understand that she is trying to protect me, but I am not stupid, and I am extremely responsible. I happen to be an only child, which probably has a lot to do with it. But she won't even let me go to a freaking movie with friends!! A movie for God's sake!!! Help! I want to live my own life, and how can I do that if she is constantly up my booty? Exactly.

mom, i love you, but GO AWAY!!!


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A:  Ignore it, when you go to college, it will be different
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B:  Tell her about it, and ask her what her problem is (not worded that way, of course...)
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C:  Tell her to go away, and that you are an adult, and it is your life; she needs to stop running it
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D:  Get a new number, and move in with a friend, with the occasional "I'm still alive" letters

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