Monday, May 16, 2005 Goes International! has now received mention overseas! Miles Mendoza of BBC Radio 2 has chosen as Website of the Day for Monday, May 16, 2005. He writes:

"Strangely addictive, this site gives all of us the chance to play agony aunt... Anyone is invited to send their problems (anonymously) to this site - The site will then suggest 4 possible solutions and other site users can vote on which solution is best. It's a bit like Jerry Springer without the violence!"

And traffic today has jumped, since is Cool Site of the Day at The site has passed another modest milestone - 3000 unique visitors for the month. Now you can get advice for all your problems, and the rest of us can play Dr. Phil, Rhona Raskin, Jeffrey Zaslow, Amy Alkon, and--according to the Brits--"agony aunt!" Thanks everyone for your support of the site.

Sunday, May 15, 2005 Featured on USA Today and Cool Site of the Day

Vancouver, BC, May 15, 2005 ~ In a few shorts weeks, has
already won acclaim from the arbiters of internet taste!

On Monday, May 9, USA Today chose as a Hot Site, and praised:

"Admit it - you've always had a secret, hidden urge to be Dear Abby. We know we
have, which is why we were thrilled to find out about this interactive site. Visitors are presented with a user submitted question, and then have the opportunity to select their advice of choice from four unique, varied and intelligent choices. There are four categories of questions: love, work, family and teen. Additionally, visitors can register for free and submit a quandary of their own." has been chosen by Cool Site of the Day to be its Cool Site for Monday, May 16, 2005. Cool Site of the Day is the granddaddy of all cool site selectors, called by the New York Times as "the arbiter of taste on the internet," while Yahoo! says, "Cool Site is still the original and the best."

The "Gallup Poll meets Dear Abby" concept of is winning over web critics. Find out what the buzz is all about! Contact to schedule an interview, or to find out more about the site.