Monday, April 25, 2005


Vancouver, British Columbia, April 25, 2005 ~ What do you get when the Gallup Poll meets Dear Abby? You get, the world's first interactive online advice column, which launched today. lets advice-seekers post letters for real-life problems, and lets the rest of us vote on what they should do. Just click, and polling results are instant. The site is organized into four great advice categories that cover all of life's problems: love, work, family and teen. was co-created by Holman Wang and Joel Grenz, fellow graduates from the University of British Columbia law school. As Holman explains, "The idea for the site just popped into my head - a fusion of Savage Love and Why leave advice to the experts? We all have advice to give. Voting at is exactly what the internet is all about - it's fun, it's immediate, and it's democratic."

When Joel was approached by Holman to use his internet savvy to build the site, Joel jumped at the chance. "I knew this idea would fly," explained Joel. "The only question was whether we could create a great user experience. I think we've done that. Giving and getting advice just got a whole lot more fun."

The site is being launched with all the core features in place, but plans for expansion are already underway. "We've got big ideas for the future," said Holman.