Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sponsored Review: - World's Largest Database Rating Men

No doubt you've heard of sites like Hot or Not and Rate My Teacher. Well here's the latest twist on rating websites: Woman Savers, as the name suggests, can save women from getting involved with abusive or unfaithful men.

Have you ever gotten suspicious about a guy you dated a couple of times and wanted to get some insight into his past relationships? Well you can simply look him up on and see if anyone has posted a review on him. Likewise, if you've been involved with an unsavory character, you can warn other women about what they may be getting into.

The process is pretty simple. To find a guy, you just fill in some basic info such as his name and where he lives. If the site finds a match you can view information including how faithful he is, how honest and whether he is abusive. To search is free and doesn't require an account.

If you would like to post information about a guy, you will need to create a free user account and then fill out a form that asks you a variety of questions. Think of it as free therapy after a bad relationship, plus you can save other women by steering them away from dating disasters.

As if the main function of the site wasn't enough, here are some more features of
- World's Largest Database Rating Men (over 25,000 men currently entered by women)
- Internet's Highest Trafficked Abused Women's Message Board
- Free Medical Advice for women without resources
- Free Psychotherapy Advice
- Free Relationship Articles
- Women's Relationship & Sex Polls
- Free Women's relationship games
- Free women's relationship cartoon ecards
- Articles on abuse, infidelity and how to catch a cheater
- Free video & audio chatroom