Monday, May 16, 2005 Goes International! has now received mention overseas! Miles Mendoza of BBC Radio 2 has chosen as Website of the Day for Monday, May 16, 2005. He writes:

"Strangely addictive, this site gives all of us the chance to play agony aunt... Anyone is invited to send their problems (anonymously) to this site - The site will then suggest 4 possible solutions and other site users can vote on which solution is best. It's a bit like Jerry Springer without the violence!"

And traffic today has jumped, since is Cool Site of the Day at The site has passed another modest milestone - 3000 unique visitors for the month. Now you can get advice for all your problems, and the rest of us can play Dr. Phil, Rhona Raskin, Jeffrey Zaslow, Amy Alkon, and--according to the Brits--"agony aunt!" Thanks everyone for your support of the site.