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  A:  Talk to him. It will help you get over it.        30%
  B:  Try meeting new people. You'll soon forget about him.        25%
  C:  A & B        26%
  D:  Who cares what the looser thinks. Don't give him a ...        18%
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Dear Anyone,

I have liked or maybe even fell in love with one of my guy friends that I have known for three years now. I moved away a year ago and ever since then we have become even better friends. But in October when I came for a visit we had a little falling out when he said something to me that hurt my feelings. He didn't realize it until I got really depressed that night. He was worried and tried to pry out of me what was wrong. I couldn't just tell him that some of the things he said revolved around him not being interested in me and it made me sad. When he asked "Do you like me?" I couldn't answer. Ever since then he hasn't really talked to me and when I went back on Christmas he said he would hang out with me but then he never called me back. I got mad at that point. I sent him text messages telling him I was mad and hurt. He sent one back saying he didn't mean to not call. I didn't believe him.

What should I do? He shows signs of interest but at the same time he does things he claims hes not interested and now he wont talk to me at all! Should I just give up and another friend bites the dust or should I call him and try to sort out why he is trying to avoid me? I never felt like this for anyone before and I just can't imagine being with anyone else! please help!

Love Struck but Heartbroken in Arizona


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A:  He seems scared and you should back off for a while. If he does care he will call.
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B:  Forgive and forget. He doesn't seem interested...move on! Just be friends. There are other fish in the sea!
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C:  You should call him and explain to him why you were acting so weird towards him. Maybe he will feel better then.
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D:  Hes a jerk! Don't even bother with him!

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