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  A:  Talk to him. It will help you get over it.        30%
  B:  Try meeting new people. You'll soon forget about him.        25%
  C:  A & B        26%
  D:  Who cares what the looser thinks. Don't give him a ...        18%
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Dear Anyone,

I have a loving husband, 2 wonderful children and 2 lovers. Each of these are secret. They know I have a husband--in fact they are my husband's 2 brothers.
Being a housewife I became bored with my life. While my husband was at work his brother came round, one thing came to another and now we are in love. This then happened with the other brother.

This was fine for the first few months but now I am pregnant. I have been with all and don't know who the baby's father is.

I need help, I am in love with 3 brothers and pregnant, I just don't know what to do.

In love with 3 brothers and pregnant


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A:  Get an abortion
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B:  Tell the husband it's his
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C:  Run away
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D:  End it with the 2 brothers, risk their family falling apart

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