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Dear Anyone,

I have a crush on a set of twins who I've been good friends with for a while now. They're Chinese, and I'm totally into Asian guys. Recently, I've developed totally strong feelings for BOTH of them (but for different reasons). I can't decide who I should pursue: one's a bit more interesting to talk to, the other is more sporty and fit.

The funny thing is, I seem to be getting vibes from both of them. If I date one of them, will the other be mad or jealous? Will I lose the other twin as a friend? OK, so what should I do?

Siamese Sistah


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A:  Go for the smart one. You want a man to move your mind.
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B:  Go for the sporty one. Once you have him, get him to read a book or two.
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C:  Date them both. Keep the best lover.
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D:  Leave them alone. If they're both interested in you, choosing one is only going to lead to disaster.

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