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Dear Anyone,

I am a strong, independant woman. I was seeing this man for 5 years. We started out our relationship the right way: slowly. Then it became physical and the physical chemistry was strong. Over the years bells have been rung--things said and done and consequently he left about 4 months ago. He wanted to be married and have children. I have been divorced for 8 years and have 2 children and was not sure I can have any more for medical and financial reasons. Since I have been dating other men but not really finding anything that sparked my interest. My ex has been making a point that I see him regularly. He wants to try again but I'm not sure. Is it worth the risk to give him another chance?

Lost in the Kingdom


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A:  Everyone deserves a second chance. After all you haven't found anyone better.
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B:  Give him another chance but start slow again.
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C:  Make him beg some more before you take him back. That way he's more likely to give in to your needs and the same issues won't come up again.
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D:  It didn't work out the first time. Why would it work out now? Move on.

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