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Dear Anyone,

I'm 40 years old and met a 46 year old man online who lives far away from me. He has been married for 20 years and unhappy with marriage for past 2 years. We have fallen in love online and talk of meeting and planning a life together. I asked him to seriously give his marriage a try before he decides to leave, but it seems he and his wife discuss things and nothing changes. I get upset because I feel he should have left by now, its been about 6 months. How long should I wait? Is my head in the clouds?

Waiting in Ontario


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A:  End the cyber love. He is obviously staying in the marriage.
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B:  Wait it out. Maybe you haven't given him enough time. After all, ending a marriage is no small task.
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C:  Did you ever consider that you may be nothing more than a fantasy to him? Your "romance" will never leave the cyber-world.

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