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Dear Anyone,

I just recently got out of a 11 months relationship. I broke up with my boyfriend because of how he was talking to me, like, always cursing me out. I really love him and he tells me he loves me too. Every time he looks at me he tells me to never leave him, and sometimes he cries to me because of how much he loves me listening to love songs. We haven't been together for almost 2 weeks. We were suppose to make a year on July 8th. But the funny part is, if he loves me then why the hell he has a new girlfriend already. He told me he wanted me back and he would leave his girl for me, but, yet they are still together. He told me because he has been trying to call her to dump her but she never picks up her calls. I know that was bullshit. But we would still have sex and kiss even if they haven't broken up yet. I cursed him out again and told him to leave me alone for good. Is he using her to make me jealous or has he really moved on and what should I do?

Love is Pain


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A:  You should let him be and see if he comes running back to you
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B:  Talk to him in person and ask him if he really wants this
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C:  Move on! find a better man
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D:  Tell his new girl shes been cheated on

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