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Dear Anyone,

There is this guy I just met and I feel I really like him. He always calls me babe but we don't even go out. I mean we've kissed before and I say we might as well go out. The thing is that my mom is really overprotective of me and doesn't like me being around boys. So one night just to annoy her I had sex with him. Now I am scared I am pregnant and I don't want to tell her. I mean she called me a slut when I kissed him. So how do I tell her we had sex without protection.

Mom's slut?


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A:  She called you a slut you have every right to keep it a secret.
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B:  No you tell her before it gets worst and tell her why too but in a nice way.
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C:  Tell her off it was all her fault why you did it anyway. Say she shouldn't have been so over protective.
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D:  Wait to see if you're pregnant or not because if you tell her before you even find out she just might take you on the Maury show.

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