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Dear Anyone,

This guy and me started dating my freshmen year in high school and then I broke up with him, because I am scared of relationships because I've seen my sisters & parents go through so much trouble with relationships and I don't want to have to go through the same thing. I'm not very self confident with my body. So over the past 3 years we can't stop thinking about each other but there were close times over the years when we almost got back together. But he was always so immature, but I liked him so much. So one night he confesses his love to me and I still turned him down because he's so secretive and I didn't know if I could trust him or not. So I am a senior and he graduated last year and over the summer he left for the army and he sent me letters and I fell in love 3 years ago with him. But I was scared and he tells me he loves me in these letters and that he wants to be with me, so were writing and talking and then I called him up one day and he tells me that there is someone else and that he liked my sister and me and that if he couldn't have both of us he wasn't gonna try. but over the past 3 years he kept trying to get with me and not her or ne1 else for that matter except 1 other girl. But I love his so much and it took him going half way across the country for me to realize that and now he doesn't want to be with me. Now I'm scared, I waited to long and lost him forever. How do I let him go? Even though I don't want to. He's my first love.

IN LoVe& HURt...


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A:  Move on, and find another cute available close guy.
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B:  Keep trying for him.
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C:  Confess your love and hope for the best
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D:  Wait till he comes back & visits and make it worth the wait.

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