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Dear Anyone,

When I was in sixth grade I had a crush on a boy. When he asked me out we dated well, then we broke up. But I never seem to get over him. I just now learned to act like I don't care. In a dance both of us hanged out and as you all know..we kissed. Well I am in 8th grade now and I am dating with a boy in 7th...he never talks too much.

Well the boy I had a crush on, asked me out and said that he realized that the dance kiss made him crazy over me. I have always been broke up with or broke up because I like someone. I feel like everyone calls me a slut. But all I am trying to do is find a real guy that fits me..

What should I do, go for him or keep my boyfriend?

am i being a slut??


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A:  Well if you really love that person you dated in sixth grade then date him.
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B:  Keep the other boyfriend..
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C:  Break up with your boyfriend and so you wont hurt him much if you date him any longer..go for the boy you really want..
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D:  Don't hurt your boyfriend. He may never be your friend again..

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