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Dear Anyone,

My ex-boyfriend and I were together for two years. I wasn't always treated right and I admit I wasn't always the nicest person. He broke up with me the day before I left the country for vacation out of spite. While I was in the other country, he got a new girlfriend within four days. He didn't care about her. It was just a way for him to get over me. We didn't talk for three months. He's recently contacted me and we've talked and we're "friends" but can you really be friends with the one you love? My family does not want me to go back to him. They think I'll miss what else is out there. I've just started college so I do want to date around but I can't hide how I feel. I still love him. I don't know what to do.

Hopelessly Lost


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A:  Make a fresh start at college. Never speak to him again.
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B:  If you love him, get back together with him. Who cares what your family thinks.
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C:  Really give the friend thing a try for a while.
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D:  Date around and then go back to him.

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