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Dear Anyone,

My husband and myself have been married almost 2 years and it hasn't been easy at all. His first wife dies four years ago I met him a year after she passed away. He is a very calm person but he also leaves me for no apparent reason he is 10 years older than me. So I thought maybe that was it then I thought maybe he is hooked on his first wife that passed away. He is a wonderful provider, but I don't feel loved not truly loved by him. What should I do should? I let him go or should I make it work we have no children together. I have 2 from my first marriage and he has 1 from his and his ex-inlaws don't help matters. They don't think he should have moved on. I feel like I am going crazy. Its very cold in our house when it comes to me and him.

confused in alabama


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C:  He is still hooked on a spirit. Move on

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