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Dear Anyone,

Iím in a long distance relationship. I met my girlfriend in my home town in the summer when I was back from university, but now Iím away again at school and I only see my girlfriend every other weekend. My problem is that my girlfriend expects to talk to me every day on the phone. I wouldnít mind if it was just touching base, but she usually keeps me on the phone for an hour, and sometimes longer. And if she hears the TV in the background, or she hears me eating something, she flips out and gets mad. She says she gives me her full attention, so I should give her mine. She also blows a fuse if Iím out and I donít call her back before I go to bed. Should I tell her that I think we spend too much time on the phone, or should I just accept things the way they are?

Ringing of the Hook in Manitoba


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A:  She loves you, and calling is her way of expressing love. Accept her gesture.
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B:  Make up a few little white lies. Tell her that the phones calls are disrupting your studying and draining your bank account. She might back off a little.
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C:  Give her the straight dope. If she cares for you at all, sheíll respect your boundaries.
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D:  Dump your girlfriend already. She sounds insecure and needy.

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