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Dear Anyone,

I have been seeing my ex-husband's second cousin. We moved in together and were planning to spend our life together, but something didn't feel right. We both agreed that we didn't make the other happy so we ended our relationship of two years. This is the third time in our two year relationship that we have broken up, This time I feel as if I can't live life without him. He completes me and makes me feel whole. The problem is that he doesn't want to give me--give us--another chance. Should I keep trying for another shot or come to realize that I have lost him for good?

Crazy fro him


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A:  If you believe him to be your other half, then you should try your hardest to keep him.
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B:  Third time's the charm. Your relationship is basically finished.
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C:  Dating your ex-husband's cousin just seems kind of creepy. It's probably best that it's over if not just to avoid the awkwardness of family events.

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