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Dear Anyone,

I'm a young woman, 27, and I live in Mexico. Five months ago, I started talking with a guy from Georgia, first through chats and later on through both email and phone. He got really interested in me quite fast, and since I had one previous boyfriend, I felt comfortable with the way things were going. We've been talking until now, so we've become a "couple," and he has mentioned more than once that he would like to marry me some day.

He wants me to move closer to him. He lives by himself, but close to his family. He's younger than me (23). He's very loving and sweet with me, but... he didn't go to college. He used to work with his stepfather, but no longer does. Now he goes around doing odd jobs. All his guy friends have problems with alcohol or drugs. He even used pot when he was teenager. He has said that he'll keep his friends away from me, but never said he'll stop seeing them. He has also told me more than once that he hates his mother (which concerns me so much), and he has mentioned really violent actions that he wants to take towards people he dislikes. He suffers some health problems (he's bipolar and has to take meds), and he also suffers panic attacks.

What do you think I should do?

Emotional Crossroad in Mexico


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A:  Lose the guy. No real job, druggie friends, violent tendencies, mentally unstable, hates his mother, and lives in a foreign country? Are you loco?
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B:  If he keeps you happy long distance, then phone and email away. But if he ever proposes a plane trip, just say no.
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C:  Love and accept him for who he is. In fact, your love might be what he needs to straighten out his life.
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D:  There's only one potential good thing coming out of this relationship: Green Card. If you want that, go for it. Otherwise, say, "Adios."

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