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Dear Anyone,

I am seeing two guys, one who is a very close friends with all the benefits, and one who is sweet and innocent. The sweet one thinks I am being faithful, and the FWB knows all. I really enjoy being with the FWB, we connect so well, but I will never marry him. The sweet one I feel like I can't be myself around (I am not very innocent and sweet), but I can see myself marrying him (he would be the perfect husband). What should I do?

Caught between two opposites


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A:  Stay with the FWB because you can be yourself around him
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B:  Stay with the sweet one, you just look at the positive with him
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C:  Stay with them both, and let time tell, and hope no one gets hurt
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D:  You are a bitch and don't deserve either, leave both of them alone

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