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Dear Anyone,

I am a 38 year old man that has been in a 2 year relationship with a 24 yr old women. She just recently went to Australia to finish her B.A., and will be gone for a year. We promised each other to be true to each other.

I took care of putting her things in storage and took her cat in. She tells me to call and she doesn't answer. Tells me it's because of the time difference. She doesn't have a land phone line so she says she can't call me. When we did talk she expressed how much fun she's having partying before she actual starts her courses.

She originally asked me if I would come and visit her, but because of the price of the flight it was too steep for me. She made me feel guilty, saying all the other girls' boyfriends were coming. I finally got in contact with an old friend of mine who works for an airline company. He got me a deal to go visit her. When I called and told her this, she just said "oh" nervously. I was suprised and asked her why she wasn't excited? She said that she was just in shock. It felt weird! She said before I booked anything to make sure I clear it with her! I hung up upset!

I haven't called her back in a week, she has not called me either. Friends and family tell me to wait for her call. I'm sad and confused!



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A:  Call her. You deserve an explanation.
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B:  Fly down to see her. It will give you the chance to sort the relationship out face to face.
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C:  If she has any sensitivity for your feelings she will call you.
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D:  It sounds like you've lost a girlfriend and gained a cat.

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