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Dear Anyone,

I've been used by guys so many times. Many are my lovers, some are friends, some I don't even know them but they message me on my phone. But they all are the same. They try their luck, though I always diss them.

Recently I was tricked into having consensual sex with a guy I barely know. Everything was a daze and I think he might have put a charm on me. He kept telling me stuff that I've no idea how he knew. He claimed that he had visions of his past life and I was previously his wife and he caused my death. I find that so bizzare and I don't believe him. He now says he doesn't want to give me trouble anymore and sends me money telling me to give a better life for myself.

I now hate guys with a vengeance. But I hate myself even more. I feel so ashamed. I don't know why I was so blurred during that incident. I wish I could just die.

Save me from myself


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A:  Cut all contacts with everyone you currently know. They are clearly not truly your friends.
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B:  People will take advantage of you because they see your insecurity. Work on your self-confidence. When you respect yourself, other people will too.
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C:  Find a supportive group to be a part of like a church, club, volunteer organization or team. You need to start mixing with a better crowd.

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