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Dear Anyone,

I was really close with a guy friend of mine while I was single, and we kept things between us pretty serious for a while. A few months ago we quit talking. During that time I found a boyfriend who I really care about and who really cares about me. But my friend from before has turned back up and told me he wants things between us to go back to the way they were before he broke it off and before we stopped talking. I'm not really sure what to do, because none of my friends seem to like my new man as much as I do, but they have stupid reasons for not liking him. Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Guys are confusing!!!


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A:  Ditch the boyfriend who no one likes and go back to the previous fling
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B:  Stay with your boyfriend and tell everyone else to get over it.
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C:  Your old man had his chance and this new guy doesn't fit into your crowd. Give them both the boot.
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D:  Let things settle down and see how things work themselves out.

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