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Dear Anyone,

I recently had dinner with a male friend who I secretly loved for years. I found out that he and his long time girlfriend have broken up a few months ago. We have always enjoyed a nice friendship with some flirting but that is all. He has always been attracted to me but I was never interested in being the "other woman." Sadly, he cheated on his first wife to be with his now ex girlfriend, who broke up with him after six years together. A part of me realizes that I still love him and can't stop thinking about him. Ironic that now he is available, I am not. I am living with a man and been with him for almost two years. Our relationship is pretty good with a few problems that we are working on. How do I get over my love that never was?

Lovesick Over a Friend


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A:  Forget the male friend - stay with current boyfriend
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B:  Confess feelings to male friend now that he is available
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C:  Try to work things out with boyfriend first, then consider male friend
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D:  Don't even be friends with male friend anymore-too much pain

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